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ARYUM is the leading aluminium aerosol can manufacturer, headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. The facility is located in Tuzla at Istanbul Industry & Free Trade Zone, and has a production capacity of 90 million aluminium cans per year with 4 production lines. While providing the regular aluminium aerosol cans with the widest range of shapes in …


3D inkjet technology

Premi can provide an exclusive decoration: 3D INKJET TECHNOLOGY. It has proven to be a big success as it offers different options for packaging customization in terms of shapes, styles, colors. By using high-definition images and focusing special attention on the details, customers have the possibility to launch new products while saving time and money. …

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Beauty Innovation: Asquan and Pylote at MakeUp in New York 2019

Asquan & Pylote won the Innovation Tree Award in the accessories category with the special mention “Gives the highest level of safety & hygiene” Our industrial and commercial agreement with Pylote will allow us to provide highly hygienic makeup brushes and mascaras applicators to cosmetic brands and their consumers in the US market.


Articles made in BioCodiplas consist of Polylactic Acid (PLA), bioplastic made of 100% vegetal origin, and a mineral filler. PLA uses plants such as corn, cassava, sugar cane or sugar beet that capture CO2 by turning it into a long-chain sugar molecules. Bioplastic definition … Bioplastics are not just one single material. They comprise of …

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CG-ECOMET: metalized carboard 100% recyclable as paper. Our most Eco-friendly product. Focused on lux packaging like perfums, cosmetics or drinks secundary packaging

DM PACK R-PET 100 Sea Flock

Ellen MacArthur Foundation defines Circular Economy as an economic system where products and services are traded in closed loops or “cycles”. The overarching vision of the New Plastics Economy is that plastics never become waste; rather, they re-enter the economy as valuable technical or biological nutrients. Dimontonate Floccati is committed to reviewing its industrial approach …

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THE FIRST DROPPER CHILD-RESISTANT PACKAGE CERTIFIED. It´s the safest secure dropper on the market thanks to a protection closure mechanism that meets the necessary security measures for those products that contain certain active ingredients, like CBD, which by legislation need tighter security. Its new sealing system requires users to press down and turn, making it …


E-commerce pocket bag

E-commerce paper bag with double strip adhesive to return the goods in case of defect and with cut handles. Bag sizes can vary with a minimum of 18 cm to 48 cm wide.


INNOWEB MONO™ is the new line of mono-material laminates for tubes. Available in white, transparent or metallized and in different thicknesses, it is a good solution for those who want to invest in sustainable products. INNOWEB MONO™ prevents transfer of O2 and moisture. It can be a valid alternative to aluminum-based laminates. Perfectly compatible with …

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Inside Mirror

We are happy to present Inside Mirror, the metalised version of Inside, Bormioli Luigi internal coating for glass. The mirror effect can be golden, silver or any other transparent colour. Excactly like the original version Inside (more than 30 references and more than 20 million bottles on the market, among which Armani Sì Intense and …

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Mermaid FX

The new “Mermaid Effect” project presents an exclusive multi-colored selection of high-quality color changing effects – also known as interference effects. The particularly elegant and luxurious colors create a breathtaking color contrast that allows the viewer to change his or her visual impression depending on the viewing angle and the incidence of light. Believe in …

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MPO innovates in ecological packaging

Concerned about the ecological issues, MPO has always been oriented towards a responsible and proactive approach to the environment. MPO presents Eco Touch. A new range of packaging 100% plastic free. All components are compostable, recyclable and made from FSC labeled materials: – Rigid structures result from short circuit recycling. – The wedges come from …

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Outdoor Carton: water-resistant cartonboard

Water-resistant cartonboard for packaging liquids, water-based creams, display and outdoor PLV, because it is resistant to rain for up to 12 weeks, unbelievable for cartonboard not? Outdoor is replacing the plastic! Available 830 microns to 2,2 mm thickness

Perfume box

Classic design, high grade visible texture, practical.

Perfume Packaging Box

A box covers with shinny rhinestones, ice cream shaped, packaging perfume or other luxury item.

Perfumed Doming

Perfumed Doming ordered by Orlandi for Azzaro. Perfumed doming is a patented global technological innovation. The product is a pre-cut adhesive label on which we deposit a transparent polyurethane resin (mercury-free and respecting European standards) mixed with the pure concentrate of perfumes (without alcohol). The resin will bring relief to the label, between 1.8 mm …

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COSMOGEN & QUALIFORM are partnering to offer PERLA, an innovative line of tottles with applicators for cosmetic brands. COSMOGEN, expert in the application of skincare and make-up, and QUALIFORM, a prestigious French manufacturer of plastic bottles for cosmetics, have co-developed an exclusive and innovative range of tottles with applicators. The PERLA range stands out for …

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POLYCOATER – Inline Coating System of 3D Parts for Multiple Applications

The POLYCOATER is a sputtering production system for the fully automatic coating of 3D parts. The sputtering module can be interlinked with different innovative handling concepts, which also provide the possibility of incorporation of additional production modules (e.g. lacquering module, robot handling systems). The POLYCOATER system is designed as system for production use. The system …

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PST Line II – New In-line 3D Sputtering coating system

The new state-of-the-art PST Line II is an in-line modular system for applying a stable, high-quality varnish and metal coating to different substrate materials. Its unparalleled capacity can automatically process up to 7800 pieces per hour, while guaranteeing consistently excellent quality while using less varnish. It is the economical and eco-friendly answer to the needs …

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The SASO® Label is the World’s first full height, digitally printed self-adhesive label that provides seamless, 360º coverage for aerosol cans. Using the benefits and quality of digital print, producing a full-height self-adhesive label to offer aerosol companies the ability to significantly reduce stockholding, warehousing costs and write-offs. This is all done while having no …

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Self Sampling

Self Sampling is an innovative tool thats allows the distribution of fragrances and makeup samples automatically. Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity provides real-time usage data and enables remote change of campaign imagery.

SSG Eco-Valve

The Eco-Valve is the only nitrogen/air based valve system that has an equivalent or better performance than the traditional LPG propelled valves. The Eco-Valve Bubbly Flow technology has been developed and refined to produce a more consistent flow throughout the whole use of every aerosol. The use of our Eco-Valve with nitrogen or air keeps …

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Sustainable Package : Twist-Up Airless (Skincare and Cosmetics)

Glaspray’s Twist-Up Airless (TUA) for skincare and cosmetic products is adding a new dimension, an AIRLESS cartridge refill system, a patented system that carries balance between glamour and sustainability. The airless cartridge replacement system means less impact on the environment, reducing and reusing. In addition, Plastic components can be replaced with PCR to reduce virgin …

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the blue tube

The blue tube is made of 100% recycled aluminium in a specially developed alloy and provides the same outstanding product properties that you expect from all our aluminium tubes. Tubes made of recycled aluminium require significantly less energy than conventional tubes. This results in a much smaller carbon footprint and a much better Life Cycle …

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Serialisation for bottles and vials The TQS-LI-Bottle from WIPOTEC-OCS serialises medicine bottles at high transport speeds. Serialisation is carried out simply by applying labels to the bottles. The compact, space-saving footprint of the TQS-LI-Bottle combined with a very short design in the direction of product flow makes it easily integrated into existing lines. Labelling is …

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TWIN PACK Click’N’Match

Two bottles with TWIN PACK click ‘n’ match in one unit, interchangeable & easy to use. Some things come in twos — whether they are shampoo and conditioner, sun and after-sun, or just two shower gels. This concept is innovative solution that allows the promotion of numerous product combinations. The TWIN PACK Click ‘n’ Match …

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