Discover innovative product launches

Discover 2019's innovative product launches

ADF&PCD Paris is used by 100’s of suppliers to launch their new and innovative products direct to the market, it’s the perfect platform for your product launch. Take a look at the product launch highlights of 2019 below and get ready for plenty of innovation at our next event. 

Aarts Plastics Netherlands

Aarts Plastics Netherlands is launching a new line of compacts in March 2019 that will be introduced at ADF&PCD Paris. These compacts are manufactured in-house with full colour digital printing. Aarts is technologically advanced with machinery including various 2-component injection moulding machines, fully-fledged mould factory and paint shop.

Caps & Fashion by Corna & Fratus srl

Caps & Fashion by Corna & Fratus srl presented new bio-based resin caps to the market for the first time. This new collection made in close cooperation with their strategic partner MEBA BIORESINE* is certified to contain 41% of bio-based material of renewable origin (ECV UL). This is the first time this new resin is used to produce perfumes caps.

DAPY’s Lighted Packaging City Packs

DAPY’s latest product release is packaging that turns into a permanent work of art. DAPY’s Lighted Packaging – City Packs – illuminates spirits and cosmetics packaging so that the packaging becomes a permanent home fixture, highlighting your favourite cityscape. DAPY developed fantastic customisable lighted packs targeted at the duty-free industry. A set of batteries and wrap around LEDs in the base allow the design to light up and offer a second life of the pack as a decorative lamp.


With the growing success enjoyed by CORADIN with its ECODIS® range, several new products will be launched at ADF&PCD 2019 including the ECODIS® Dispenser – an innovative, lightweight product that can be used simply by pressing on the flexible bottom part of the tube. It is intended for applications of skin care, hair care or even innovative make-up formulas (fluid foundation type). ECODIS® Flexy is just born! SERIDOSE® is the 2019 additional novelty that allows the distribution of care or makeup by a syringe of 1ml or 2ml. If you need to precisely dose a colour or a booster, this new packaging should get your attention.


Eurovetrocap will introduce the LICATA Jar & Laura XL bottle. The new 50ml Licata jar is developed in collaboration with Eurovetrocap’s partner Zignago Vetro and it represents the first true cosmetic “green set”. It is the first cosmetic jar in the world made with more than 75% post-consumer recycled glass. This percentage rises up to 90% including the post-production recycled glass too. Specifically designed for skincare and make-up products, the newest product at Eurovetrocap is the Laura XL bottle. It is characterised by a full and thick glass bottom, which increases its worth and elegance. It is available in 15 and 30ml and it perfectly match with new prestigious accessories.

Gaplast Gmbh & Pumpart System

Two innovative partners, Gaplast GmbH and Pumpart System, have created a new air-free tube suitable for fluid and sensitive formulas: TUBAIRFREE® by GAPLAST and PUMPART SYSTEM. This product allows for enhanced product preservation, protecting the product at the outlet; improved flow and dosage control, allowing for more fluid formulations; 100% evacuation rate minimising product wastage and easy dispensing of thick formulas. Learn more at stands A27 & K24.


IGEPAK, a Spanish contract filler located near the French border, has invested in the acquisition and fitting-out of a 2000 m2 plant dedicated to cosmetics activity and has now a larger and more modern filling room for the production of innovative cosmetic formulas, including Sulfates Free Shower Foam for Hair & Body, the 360° Moisturizing Body Lotion and the Moisturising Body Mousse. See this innovation for yourself on stand T10.

Maypack Packaging

Maypack Packaging will introduce a new ABS+UV coating instead of aluminium coating. This is both an environmentally-friendly PP Cap, ABS Material with ABS Shell UV Coating.


Neyret unveiled a new range of biosourced, recycled and biodegradable eco-friendly ribbons. Neyret’s offering sees itself bolstered with innovative ribbons made from eco-friendly raw materials.

These new articles, stemming from either natural products or waste reprocessing, push the boundaries of eco-design even further when it comes to the packaging and decoration of luxury products. Hand-in-hand with its CSR approach, the range is divided into 3 families of substrates: biosourced, recycled and biodegradable.

Oriol & Fontanel – Santex Group

Oriol & Fontanel – Santex Group will present a new 100% bio and recyclable luxe ribbon, Lyocell, as well as displaying onsite machines for gold printing on luxe ribbons. Lyocell, better known as Tencel, is a sustainable and natural fibre, made from the wood pulp of trees that are grown and replaced in specialised tree farms.

Pink Frogs Cosmetics

Pink Frogs Cosmetics is a leading manufacturer that has developed over 400 new formulas from skincare to haircare this year – see what is new at ADF&PCD Paris 2019. Thanks to its R&D laboratory, the company can propose innovative formulas and satisfy and anticipate the requests of the cosmetics market. In addition to new formulations, Pink Frogs will also present a sampling service for perfumery.

Ramson Packaging

Ramson Packaging is one of the leading packaging distributors in Scandinavia with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. Ramson is launching a line of airless dispensers made from bio-material from sugar cane – they are one of the only producers of this type of product line and it will be seen first at ADF&PCD Paris 2019!

Satimat France

Satimat France will launch printing services that allow for printing a CMYK picture in one pass printed directly on glass in any shape or size bottle. Because of this technological advancement, the machine is limited only by the imagination.


As a manufacturer of plastic packaging, Seufert grapples with the topic of sustainability and recycling on a daily basis. Seufert has a clear mission, and with its new PET material the company is making its contribution to the reduction of unused material waste and to the conservation of the world’s oceans. The new material, which Seufert has recently offered as a sustainable alternative to the standard PET for its clear packaging range on the market, is a bluish material with up to 100% recycled content in the central layer of its polyester material. PET Blue Ocean will help provide a sustainable future for our environment.


Siegwerk launched an UV ink, which has a very good behaviour for de-inking on graphics paper or cardboard. This is a very unique innovative product that provides interesting features in terms of sustainability and paper recycling. Additionally, Siegwerk will introduce to the market a special conductive ink, which can be printed on packaging and scanned with a mobile phone, allowing a direct connection to a website with product information.


As the largest manufacturer of standard bottles and closures in Europe, SHB GMBH will launch at ADF&PCD 2019 a line of bottles that honour their corporate commitment to providing the most eco-friendly solutions available: bottles from up to 100% recycled HDPE, from up to 97% recycled HDPE from “yellow bag“ waste, from up to 100% recycled PET and from up to 96% bio-based HDPE.


Virospack launched the Ring Push Button Dropper at ADF&PCD Paris 2019. True to its in-house DNA and commitment to innovation and service to brands, Virospack reinvents the push button dropper and develops a new concept that brings together design, customisation and greater and more controlled dosage; a new proposal with a design that plays with straight and cylindrical lines to create the new compact push button dropper with the push button built into the design.

Viva Packaging

VIVA IML TUBES presented a new tube, Viva In-Mold Labeled Tube made with 65% PCR. Viva’s patented in-mould label tube decoration covers the blemishes and colour limitations that are inherent with PCR (post-consumer recycled plastic). PCR reduces plastic consumption and land waste, is FDA-approved and 100% recyclable produced with 35% less carbon emission.

Essentia Beauty

Essentia Beauty launched a makeup line that is COSMOS compliant. COSMOS is considered one of the most important European eco certification labels. The natural makeup line will be paired with a refillable compact. Essentia is working with a supplier on a new material completely eco-friendly and recycled for compact and palette.

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