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Innovate together at ADF&PCD and PLD – Attend with your whole team

The succcess of a product is based on the synergies between all the teams who add their knowledge and know-how to the project.

At ADF&PCD and PLD we want to garantee that all people who works on a product development will find the right, answer and solutions to come back at the office with a fresh perspective of the future of the project. Here are some commun objectives between all project department:

  • Innovative designs: Creativity is fostered. Attending together doubles the chances of implementing new solutions that fully meet brand requirements.
  • Pro-active designs: Packaging choices are optimised: better tool sizing, evolving packaging design, prioritisation of the lead component, for example.
  • Optimal designs: Brand requirements are anticipated and better understood. Rework due to dissatisfaction disappears. Project quality is better controled and risky implementation of last-minute solutions is avoided.
  • Collaborative management: Everyone works towards a clear, common goal: the interests of the brand. Motivation is thus strengthened, which has a positive impact on the success of the launch and you can develop your network.

Your objectives as part of packaging, innovation or purchasing department

Discover high quality primary and secondary packaging under one roof

ADFPCD Paris cross-sector networking

Benefit from a blend of suppliers, content and cross marketing learning, innovation and networking at the only dedicated event for aerosol and dispensing systems

Save time sourcing bespoke solutions for every stage of your packaging process, with 700 suppliers under one roof!

See, feel, and use the products up close, and discuss their attributes in detail with their manufacturers face-to-face before you make a decision

ADFPCD Paris technology transfer

Network, and connect with the big players in the aerosol, dispensing, cosmetic and perfume industries

ADFPCD Paris do business

Build a long-term pro-active packaging strategy with the marketing side

Hear, learn and get a fresh perspective from carefully chosen cutting-edge experts

Celebrate with your peers imagination, ingenuity and vision at the Innovation Awards

Your objectives as part of marketing, product development or as an indie brand

Be inspired by the newest innovations and consumer trends, with 100s of product launches every year!

ADFPCD Paris do business

Attend with your packaging team to build a long-term pro-active packaging strategy with your suppliers

See, feel, and test the products up close to create a product that is industrial and can go to the markets also with a technical feasibility.

Discover the latest hot trends and opportunities with FREE access for brands to the seminar programme, featuring speakers from leading brands and industry thought leaders

Benchmark your product against the other brands product launches worldwide

ADFPCD Paris technology transfer

Unparalleled networking opportunities that can help you discuss current trends with your peers, meet leading suppliers, and share notes with global innovators

ADFPCD Paris visit the future

The Pentawards: exclusive look at the winners and be ready to be inspired by the future of packaging design at the Pentawards showcase!

Get inspiration and celebrate imagination, ingenuity and vision at the Innovation Awards

Contact the team

Interested in exhibiting? Want to talk about speaking or visiting the event? Our team are here to help with your enquires.

Jennifer Groves
Head of Sales ADF&PCD and PLD Paris

+44 (0)20 3196 4433

Federico Dellafiore
Head of International Sales – Packaging

+44 (0)20 3196 4436

Emma Appert
Marketing Leader

+33 (0)1 40 22 72 82

Laurent Lemire
Content & Conference Manager

+33 (0)1 40 22 72 83

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