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Exhibitors at ADF&PCD and PLD Paris offer a wide range of packaging solutions: from paper, glass and metal to airless systems or filling systems, the solution to your packaging challenges is bound to be one of the products or solutions offered by the suppliers present.

Take a look at the products below and make your wish list of products to not miss during your visit at the show.

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Producing this box set was one of Trindade’s biggest challenges as we had to develop a touch-feel texture that resembled the one on the famous

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Crackling Foam

criss, criss, criss… Does this noise ring any bell to you ? Of course, here we are describing the sweet noise and even sweeter sensation

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Thermoformed dose

♦ Mini replica of your product and/or of its packaging. ♦ Ideal to emphasize perfume, lipstick or gloss, foundation or any other cosmetic product whatever

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GenYous® is a woodfree Premium digital printing paper. Special development for HP Indigo and dry toner process, but also for offset printing applications. GenYous® is

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Cold Foil

Foilco supply cold foils to suit every print occasion. Using our years of expertise and knowledge we’ve developed a range of cold foils designed to

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Sealing systems

Our sealing product range is manifold and has been continiously adapted to customers´ needs. From the classical screw-type caps up to individualized designs, we are

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Microwavable Foil

The very first of its kind. A completely unique foil formulation designed to withstand the conditions of domestic and commercial microwaves. No longer should packaging

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Green products

Shanghai Delviel is to provide the largest product offering of environmentally friendly, and sustainable materials to the world. Our goal is to set the green

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Wine labels

Because your wine is nonesuch, Azur Adhésifs prints for each of your bottles her own label. Texture, colors, cut, authentic or modern appearance, your wine

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