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Exhibitors at ADF&PCD and PLD Paris offer a wide range of packaging solutions: from paper, glass and metal to airless systems or filling systems, the solution to your packaging challenges is bound to be one of the products or solutions offered by the suppliers present.

Take a look at the products below and make your wish list of products to not miss during your visit at the show.

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Aluminium Tins

Our food grade, lacquered aluminium canisters / screw top tins are ideal for all your storage needs. They are suitable for storing food, such as

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Available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and formats, Scent Labels* offer a highly creative, flexible and cost effective way to promote any unique

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Producing this box set was one of Trindade’s biggest challenges as we had to develop a touch-feel texture that resembled the one on the famous

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The Automobile

An industry which, by its demands, is close to the world of luxury. Here, no resistance to perfume juice but rather to gravel, potassium salt,

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Perfumed Doming

Perfumed doming is a patented global technological innovation. The product is a pre-cut adhesive label on which we deposit a transparent polyurethane resin (mercury-free and

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Add mood to your communications with this curiously tactile material. Available as a single or double-sided finish of paper and board, it is engineered to

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We deliver eye-catching gifts with long-term brand value, combining our extensive range of miniature and unit dose products with expertise in sourcing all kinds of

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