Premium recycled papers – ADF&PCD and PLD Paris

Premium recycled papers

Arjowiggins stands for quality. This is why our recycled grades are made with a high quality recycled pulp to preserve the converting properties of our premium creative and specialist papers dedicated to luxury packaging applications.

The recycled fibres used in our recycled papers come exclusively from post-consumer waste. A careful selection of the waste and specific deinking process ensures the cleanliness of the pulp and the excellent printability.

Our unique facilities and expertise enable us to offer high quality recycled papers, up to 400g:
– High level of whiteness
– Excellent level of cleanliness
– Homogeneous sheet formation
– High stiffness
– Excellent shade homogeneity, including for black papers and high grammages

All our recycled papers are suitable for premium and luxury packaging applications, including mounted boxes, folding boxes, shopping bags and tags.

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