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IPolarity By IPack


IPolarity by IPack is a wide range of magnetic caps, multi shape, multi material, interchangeable and highly customizable.

Our magnetic closure configurations offer: a holding strength greater than 1kg, an attraction at the closing, a repulsion at the opening, a systematic and interchangeable positioning of the cap, collar and bottle allowing a perfect alignment of your packaging ornaments relative to each other, and the invisibility of the closure system in some configurations.
Several magnetic closure systems are offered from 1 to 3 positions with four different forces from N35 to N52.
The IPolarity range is also available without magnets, using a classic friction fit.
Several models of caps are available in the following materials: Thermoplastics (including Surlyn), Thermodur, Aluminum, Wood, Zamak and Glass.
All IPolarity caps are customizable: Silkscreen, Hollow or embossed engraving, Metallization, Galvanization, Varnish and Anodizing. Allowing you to choose the shape, appearance and ornament you want.
Magnet types : bipolar, quadrupole, hexapolar. Magnet forces: N35, N42, N48, N52
IPolarity Aluminum Cap is available in diameter 25mm and 30mm. Ajustable Height from 21.6mm to 40mm. Optional ballast.
Finish available in Shiny Gold, Matte Gold, Shiny Silver, Matte Silver, Shiny Onyx, Matte Onyx.

IPolarity Thermodur cap and IPolarity Wood Cap are available in 4 standard shapes: Small cylinder, Larger cylinder, Sphere and Cube.
Compatible with:
• A wide range of pumps
• Bottle collar type: FEA, SP

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