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Biobased plastics – materials of the future


Cosmetics that moves – join us in protecting our environment
Bio-based plastics – materials of the future The materials used by bomo trendline innovative Cosmetic GmbH are up to 100% bio-based.
They are made out of approximately 100% renewable raw materials, are food-compliant and show a good ability for printing and adhesion, colouring and scratch resistance. The decisive advantages of the biomaterials we use are the achievements of closed CO2 cycles,
conserving fossil resources and an improved end-of-life option. Thus, at the end of their life cycle, the biomaterials we use only release as much CO2, as the plants have previously absorbed. They are pollutant-free and low-risk.
In contrast to conventional plastics, bioplastics have a better tolerability, and also their procurement via short transport routes, contributes to the conservation of resources. In addition,
unlike conventional plastics, our materials largely do without fossil raw materials. They are recyclable and can be used energetically at the end of the life cycle, saving fossil fuels.
With the use of biomaterials and the continuous development of natural formulas, right up to certified products, for example Ecocert and Cosmos, bomo trendline is committed to climate-friendly and sustainable development – with raw materials of the future




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