ALAIA Folding carton – ADF&PCD and PLD Paris

ALAIA Folding carton


What is it?
Season after season, Azzedine Alaïa continually reworks the same shapes, cutting and adapting materials and color codes. Black in winter, the skater dress adopts a pure white cotton for summer. Alaïa Parfum follows the same logic. As timeless as the skater dress, the Eau de parfum Alaïa Paris is a classic to be reinvented.
The Eau de parfum blanche is a creation between light and shade: an almond note that blooms into a skin signature.
For Monsieur Alaïa, white remains, above all, a concept referring to light, architecture, rigor. The bottle, completely transparent, is decorated with the Alaïa Laser-cut pattern, engraved in the glass.
The most contemporary and sophisticated technologies such as micro-drilling are used to reach perfection, elegance and enchantment. This drilling technology is used on the folding box front panel with a special insert behind to enhance the design with specific shadow effects on the board.

Over the last few decades, Azzedine Alaïa, inevitably, peacefully, established himself in the fashion world as the epitome of a Creator par excellence.
From fashion to fragrance, Alaïa’s aesthetic is a manifesto, imposing beauty as absolute.
Alaïa redraws the female body, magnifying it as if it were an antique sculpture. He reveals the power of shapes, giving the woman a new status, that of a goddess of modern times.

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