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【Smart】 Smart Package Solutions (example for Cosmetics)

【Smart Package Solutions (example for Cosmetics)】 We integrate an NFC tag into every product to give it a digital identity and connect it to the Internet. A digital identity enables us to offer Authentication, Traceability, Consumer Engagement and other dynamic and expansive digital services to brands and their customers.


【Cachet-Tag™】 NFC tag designed to ensure that removal breaks the antenna circuit and makes reading impossible.


【CorkTag™】 An innovative NFC tag allowing detection of any attempt to counterfeit, remove, tamper with or even pierce the cork of a wine bottle and providing efficient protection against the problem of bottle refilling.

【Smart】Dual RFID Temperature Logger

【Dual RFID Temperature Logger】 Increase the reliability of logistics by monitoring and logging temperature using temperature sensor tags that support both NFC and UHF.

【Smart】Metallic Finish NFC Label

【Metallic Finish NFC Label】 Labels with metallic finishes maintain NFC communication performance to bring new value to high-end products requiring superior design. 【Features】 ・Pursuit of high design quality through the application of decorative printing technology ・Antenna design that optimizes NFC communication performance 【Metallic design】 NFC communication performance can be inhibited by metal materials. Toppan has …

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【Smart】NFC Interactive Package

【NFC Interactive Package】 Interactive Packages that Connect with NFC-enabled Smartphones (Patent Pending) 【Features】 ・New customer experiences including games and music can be provided by packages of various types and shapes ・Smartphones and packages work together wirelessly   ・No battery required due to NFC power supply ・Linkage with ID authentication system ensures security of contents, etc. …

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【Smart】Smart Packages with Built-in NFC Functions

【Smart Packages with Built-in NFC Functions】 NFC tags integrated into packaging structure enhance security, preserve design quality, and help streamline manufacturing.(Patent Pending) 【Features】 ・Tamper-evident NFC tag integrated into the structure of paper-based packages ・NFC tags can be embedded without compromising design ・Eliminates the process required for affixing labels to packages, which reduces the workload of …

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1″ Metered Valve

1” Metered Valve – Pressure filled, or under-cup filled. Accurate dosages ranging 25mcl to 400mcl for room air freshener, one-shot insecticide and other special applications.

1″ Metered Valve

1” Metered Valve – Pressure filled, or under-cup filled. Accurate dosages ranging 25mcl to 400mcl for room air freshener, one-shot insecticide and other special applications.

100 % recycled PET bottles

We offer up to 100 % PCR (Post Consumer Regrind), rPET (food safe) and bio material (sugarcane) in all our bottles and jars. PCR material is plastic products that have been recycled and being reused in new manufacturing. We also manufacture bottles in rPET, recycled material approved for the food industry as well as bioPET. …

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100% plant-based tamper-evident jars

To combine safety and eco-friendliness, we offer you our Securibox jars made from organic HDPE. These cylindrical jars with snap-on lids are available in 4 capacities: 77, 135, 330 and 655ml They come from the “BIOsourced items” selection of our ECOsphere range.

2 delivery supports

We can deliver our self-adhesive pewter labels on 2 types of support : – or on sheet, for a manual deposit – or on roll, for an automatic deposit on production ligns (see the video down this page)

24mm Disc Cap

Perfect for personal care applications such as body creams, lotions, shampoos, and soaps, Spectra’s new disc top closure joins the company’s impressive range of injection-moulded components. Bore sealed for optimum performance, Spectra’s 24/410 disc top closure (Ref: 3033) can be provided in single or mix and match multi-coloured body and disc options for a bespoke …

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3-piece Tinplate Aerosol Cans

Tinplate cans are optimal for aerosol packaging of all types of products: cosmetics, technical, paints, automotive, domestic, insecticide, food and suitable as cartridges for refrigerant gases. The wide choice of internal and external protections allows to solve any problem deriving from the contained product. They are produced with advanced technologies that meet the highest standards …

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3D hot foil stamping

This is a new printing technique applicable for the first time on transparent synthetic. The film is tear proof and very resistant to water and other damage. Our innovative technique can be used to produce beautiful 3D design. It transparency let light through optimizing design impact. This technique saves the cost of an embossing plate. …

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3D hot foil stamping

This printing technique combines silver gilding and swelling varnish. It saves the cost of a gilding plate and gives a magnificent glossy finish on a cream-coloured paper reminiscent of the colour of the cap. This label was awarded the Grand Prix for innovation at the Adhesive Label Grand Prix, organized by the UNFEA.


3D UV – THE OFFLINE MARKETKING Grab the moment! Make your offline marketing materials special! In today’s online-dominated advertising noise, you may be a breath of fresh air for your potential customers if you promote your company’s services and products through printed brochures, publications and leaflets. When you build new partner contacts, you may often …

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