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All-carboard blister

The all-cardboard blister pack eliminates plastic from your packaging while protecting and securing the products inside. The plus of this product: it is possible to add a window on the front or back side to highlight the quality of your products. This visibility panel allows the customer to see what he is buying and to …

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Packaging Box

SKILLFUL PRINTING is a fully certified secondary packaging manufacture originally from Hong Kong during 1980’s. Today, Skillful have spread out its production facilities to Shenzhen China, Hai Duong Vietnam, and Hong Kong. During 2018, Skillful started the first offshore branch located in Southern California in United State, to provide a more efficient service to all …

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Refillable Packaging

Refillable Packaging Projects, packaging 100% made in Europe. Projects for cosmetic brands, custom manufacturing, high quality designs.


For eco-conscious brand owners, retailers and converters, Sylvicta is a food contact paper with high barrier properties, ready for manufacturing sustainable packaging applications across the food and cosmetic industries.

Ticket Scent

The Ticket Scent is a technology inspired by the password dispensers for queues, however, with adapted and patented technology for sampling perfumes. Each ticket contains fragrance and additional information about the product, such as photos and texts. Sampling Innovations is our distributor in France, Spain and UK.


Line-Met is a revolutionary family of in-line equipment designed by Arzuffi. It is fully automated, able to produce without the presence of the operators, and it guarantees higher productivity at a lower price due to the elimination of the costs of workers and the reduction of the costs of maintenance. Its attractive and ergonomic design, …

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Airless pouch dispenser for high-end cosmetic products BAIA

Universal line caps PE, PCR, PCTG

The new line meets following requirements: 1. Processing of different materials as HDPE, PET and PCR Even impurities in PCR-resins are no problem for our new tool 2. Weight reduction The new Universal line caps are one of the lightest caps of whole RUBA-portfolio.

E-commerce pocket bag

E-commerce paper bag with double strip adhesive to return the goods in case of defect and with cut handles. Bag sizes can vary with a minimum of 18 cm to 48 cm wide.

Sākuru サークル

Sākuru サークル (Circle) is a near-future cosmetic concept vision that aims to meet the sustainability ambitions of the current cosmetic consumer. Sākuru is a refillable home make-up printing system that produces a complete range of make-up formats in any colour you can imagine, delivering a highly personalised and luxurious beauty experience.

Recycled Plastic Tube – From the milk bottle to the tube

There is a closed recycling loop for milk bottles. That means that after use, consumers throw milk bottles away into purpose-built collection containers. The bottles are then taken to a recycling plant and processed into pellets (PCR material). Similarly, process-related waste is reused in industrial laminate production. This waste is sorted by type and converted …

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