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Cloud Beauty, 360-degree B2B innovation hub for the beauty industry


CloudBeauty is a brand-new business model founded in 2018 in Fengxian, Shanghai partof the Oriental Beauty Valley (OBV). While OBV is officially recognized by theChina government the capital of cosmetic industry, we will take such advantageto integrate the ECOSYSTEM for the beauty + health industry. Cloud Beautyfocuses on innovation, by carefully selecting members in branding, R&D, production,packaging, design, marketing, and sales channel.

Be Cloud Beauty your gate to enter the great china markets!
Cloud Beauty is a mobile-based platform. Thanks to Wechat, the No1 social media and communication tool in China, your innovation will broadly reach your target customers via our Sales Rep network.Cloud Beauty not only offers you a great tool of communication, but also assists you in build the market with real touch.

Meet the target customers on site, broadcast to the world!
Our unique “smart space”, facilitated with high tech IoT furniture, is specifically designed for roadshow, press conference, training program, meetings, live stream, etc. Located in OrientalBeauty Valley in Fengxian, Shanghai, it is excellent while professional to upgrade your brand image and brand value when developing the new market.




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