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Valmatic is an Italian firm, with over 35 years of experience in monodose packaging and with 2 core business:

1. FORM FILL SEAL MACHINE PRODUCER-> Valmatic manufactures FFS machines for producing singledosis containers in plastic film for personal care, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and vet Industries. Machines can produce stand up singledosis, peelable or squeezable, vials and shaped dosis from 0.5 to 100 ml. It is possible to pack liquid products, oils, crems, serums and other different viscosities.

2. CONTRACT-PACKAGIN FACILITY-> in our headquarter in Italy Valmatic has 9 FFS machines and offer a co-packing service for european and italian customers. Customers send us product in bulk and we pack in single dosis containers from 0.5 to 100ml. Valmatic also offers a full service including cards, cases, displays and so on. The customer will have back the product ready to sell. We have more than 100 moulds customers can use for free. On the other hand is also possible to customize the product developping a new mould and cutter.

* Valmatic often sells the plastic film in reels to our machines customer.

The plastic film PET/EVOH/LDPE came for the 80 % from plastic market and it is recyclable, so green and eco-friendly material. It is a top quality material and efficient because it is the same we use every day in our co-packing facility.

Some advantages of singledosis container are:
-cleanliness of the inside product(no contamination/one time use)
-controlled dosing (use when you need in the right dosing)
-lighter and safer than glass (more affordable!)
-innovative and easy way to use
-bring wherever you want
-not only sampling but vending products too (more earnings)
-easy opening
-low price but big advantages and high quality.

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We believe that our efforts are necessary to improve a technique of innovative packaging that offers several advantages: • easy to use • cost savings • possibility to use at the appropriate time (traveling, at work, at school, in your free time …) • hygiene of the product • safety of the product (in transparent plastic it allows the vision and the choice of the product without open it) • controlled dosing • small size • no residue in the waste of the packaging • maximum versatility (plastic allows you to create articles in single doses in the most varied forms for maximum volumes or for the maximum number of packages.) • The continuous search for eye-catching formats, the relationship we have with our customers and our versatility are the characteristics that distinguish us and make us competitive.

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