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TUBEX Aluminium Tubes has been manufacturing aluminium tubes for more than 70 years and we have grown to become the world’s leading provider of this practical and sustainable packaging. By driving sustainable development and innovation both within our company and across the communities in which we operate, we are securing the long-term success of our products while protecting both people and the environment.

Aluminium tube’s image is evolving. As the demand for environmentally conscious products grows, it’s increasingly being seen as the packaging that our planet needs. No other packaging offers such clear advantages for manufacturers and end-consumers. Tubes made of aluminium provide a superb barrier against air, light, moisture and microorganisms. They are unbreakable, guarantee full temperature stability even under extreme conditions, and maximise a product’s shelf-life. Aluminium tubes are therefore the ideal choice for packaging cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. No matter how sensitive or demanding the contents are, aluminium tubes provide all the safety and reliability needed for the entire lifecycle of the product.

Our Blue Tube range is a new kind of packaging for a world that is reassessing its relationship with resources and nature. The tubes maximize the use of recycled aluminium, minimize the use of materials, and give consumers the environmentally conscious packaging that they are increasingly seeking out. This innovative, future-focused brand helps to drive the circular economy – and reflects our belief that growth must always go hand in hand with responsibility.

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For generations, aluminium tubes have been the first-choice packaging for highly sensitive products. Today, more than a century after the tubes were invented, they have lost none of their appeal. No other material protects so effectively against light, air and other environmental factors, and naturally guarantees such a long shelf life.

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