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Sÿnia is a printing company specializing in digital printing and resin deposition. Located in Lavérune, in the South of France, between the mountains and the sea, Sÿnia produces three distinct products: the adhesive label, the embossed label (doming), and the perfumed embossed label (olfactory doming) for which she owns a patent. These innovations allow him to collaborate for the world’s biggest luxury players: LVMH, ESTÉE LAUDER, HERMES, CHANEL, DIOR, GIVENCHY, BURBERRY, DOLCE & GABBANA, etc. To date, it’s more than 100 luxury brands prototyped by the perfumed doming.
Doming is a smart label that allows to restore an original and aesthetic utility to the adhesive label, but also to offer a differentiating product in a highly competitive sector. By playing on the senses of the consumer, it catches the attention and improves the memory. For packaging out of the ordinary, to bring a customer experience at the height of your brand, to decorate your products, to inform your customers, to distribute gifts/goodies, to dress up your storefront. Doming adapts to all your needs.

Highlighted product

Perfumed Doming

Perfumed doming is a patented global technological innovation. The product is a pre-cut adhesive label on which we deposit a transparent polyurethane resin (mercury-free and respecting European standards) mixed with the pure concentrate of perfumes (without alcohol). The resin will bring relief to the label, between 1.8 mm and 3 mm depending on the customer’s choice, and drying, the concentrate of the perfume will be protected by the resin which will allow a guaranteed diffusion six months, but which usually lasts up to two years. In times of health crisis like the one we have experienced, sensory marketing, and in particular olfactory marketing, is more important to maintain prevention and the customer experience in retail. For example, olfactory doming is currently replacing fragrance testers in many outlets. Distributed individually, the scented doming provides the olfactory information sought by the customer. Perceived as a gift, it also brings customer satisfaction and loyalty. The olfactory doming has other advantages, in particular the fact that it is repositionable. The customer can therefore stick it and peel it on their favorite accessories and keep the scent intact for months.

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