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ROVIP is specialized in the plastic injection and propose to support you in your packaging development.
From hygiene/beauty/perfumery to chemistry include food, we develop et produce packaging solutions.
Caps are at the heart of our know-how, screw or clip-on, with our without flip top, with distribution system, we contribute to the highlight of your products by offering standards or specifics products.

With many proposal, we work on the technical feasibility of your projects, we design personalized concept following to a specification note or a technicality request : mono or bi-material, tightness, inviolability, dosing, packaging innovation, conception & eco-conception of durable plastic part because they are at the heart of our priorities.

Certified ISO 14001 (environmental performance) and ISO 50001 (energy performance), our commitment to the circular economy permits us to dispose of new products from recycled materials (RPET/PP/PE) and organic (vegetable PE and compound PP + vegetables fibres).

Proud of our progress, nowadays we are able to show pieces more environmentally friendly and answering to technical requirements of the beauty, hygiene and perfumery market.


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