19 & 20 January 2022 | Paris Expo Porte de Versailles


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Looking for the perfect dress for your beauty products? Polyfoil®, PE, and COEX tubes are fitted with excellent barrier properties, captivating aesthetics for the best brand presence and various applicators for simple and precise handling. Neopac is also showcasing the new EcoDesign line, the green packaging solutions, which Neopac created to satisfy customer desire for more sustainable packaging.

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Recycled Plastic Tube – From the milk bottle to the tube

There is a closed recycling loop for milk bottles. That means that after use, consumers throw milk bottles away into purpose-built collection containers. The bottles are then taken to a recycling plant and processed into pellets (PCR material). Similarly, process-related waste is reused in industrial laminate production. This waste is sorted by type and converted back into new pellets (PIR material). Our recycled tubes are made from a mixture containing 75% of these recycled, food-compliant plastics. The reuse of these resources does not result in any leftover renewable resources and reduces the production of new plastics. The empty tube is disposed of in the same recycling stream as a conventional PE tube. Tubes are decorated using solvent-free colors and low-solvent varnishes.

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