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Développement et fabrication de mélanges maitres couleurs pour la coloration des matières plastiques.

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Metallic effect upgrades plastic products

Shiny packaging and sophisticated lifestyle products meet a new generation of effect masterbatches Shiny packaging with lustrous metallic finishes often associated with premium quality substance. Upscale products need precious packaging or vice versa, luxury appearance guarantees unique content – subconscious facts in consumers´ minds at the point of sale. Metallizing of bottles, caps, jars, tubes being substituted by a new Lifocolor masterbatch is offering cost reduction, nonetheless performing distinguished metal style directly into plastics – creating a splendid and shiny variety of design options. First of all, manufactures are generating homogenous surfaces with or without silky finish. Glitter particles not visible but especially fine gather aesthetic appearance with deep brilliant gloss. Fine glitter pigments create brilliance This new development is not only a unique selling proposition apart from the masses. Lifocolor´s managing director Dr. Martin Fabian comments: “Our aim is to set new standards with our formulations supporting our customers to create distinctive and exiting products – with amazing results: a special colour depth and brilliance. Glamour meets lifestyle The new generation of masterbatches are compatible to all polymers. Only one operation step accomplishes materials with colour, function and shiny gloss. Replacing conventional processes of lacquering, galvanizing or metallization simplifies logistics, storage and procurement with considerable cost saving effects. Solutions with glamour – not only affordable but also attractive. Shiny or semi-gloss finish packaging is mutating to individual design objects e.g. mascara or shampoo tubes and bottles for brands expressing luxury and sophistication. But also household and sports appliances or lifestyle accessories made out of plastic can also be upgraded with an eye-catching design using metallic masterbatches. Moreover all formulations from Lifocolor´s effect portfolio are approved by the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment „BfR”. 24 inspiring colours in a show-box The show-box is demonstrating the variety of possible hues with metallic effect. It contains 24 different colours in a special form designed as a half moon. If the customer opens the box, he might get an impression of „wow”. It takes the manufacturer into an exciting world of new colour trends getting inspired for unique developments. The box content reflects different appearances and high opacities of metal colours. Bright and pastel colours appear either cool and refreshing or warm depending on the blue or yellow rate within the formulation. Intense colours can be a kind of spotlight because of their refulgence on the one hand. Or gain a mystic spirit in dark colour shades on the other hand. The formulations allow an authentic impression to make plastics look like aluminum, brass, gold or bronze. Would you like to find out more? If you like our colours, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to send you further information.

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