Labrenta – ADF&PCD and PLD Paris

22 & 23 June 2021 | Paris Expo Porte de Versailles


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Whether is spirits, wine, beer or oil and vinegar, since 1971, we have been giving our customers not just any closure, but the closure, the right one. We conceive of the right closure as the essence of form, functionality, attention. We aim for efficient beauty. And we take it one step further, applying our expertise and offering unique solutions. The know-how we have gained over more than four decades, allows s to manage each manufacturing phase with mastery, always bearing in mind that each stopper is unique. It’s not a matter of closures, but of moments. Opening a bottle always marks a meeting and all our efforts are focused on that moment. We want to make it unique, and perfect. For us, providing the right closure means giving you not just any top, but the right one, the perfect closure for each specific need.

Our standard products are available in wood, plastic, aluminum and synthetic, customizable in shapes and logos. The head can be personalized on top or side head, with a wide range of finishings available. Stems can be made of natural cork, synthetic or sughera, our patented one. Sughera is the first closure made of cork without the use of any glue, thanks to a binding polymer that we have patented. Unlike classic micro-agglomerated, it is purer and stronger and it prevents the binding substances from contaminating wine and will not crumble. The patented form resembles the rough texture of natural cork, evoking the best of traditions.

We have a strong R&D area, the it is the young, creative, practical and innovative soul of our company, the place where the special projects become reality. Your imagination should not have limits: imagine you want to express the value of your brand and communicate the essence of your product: just choose the material that most represents your essence and the value you want to communicate, give it a colour and play with the shapes, our latest 3d printing will let you touch with hands what you have imagines. To guarantee our products we offer to each closure the validation process, the analysis process we’ve been developing in 47 years of activity, our trademark. We want to go beyond the excellent performance, providing you with 7 different test to be sure that we have found the perfect match between the closure and the bottle: database crossing, volumetric analysis, perfilab, pop up test, leaking test/stress, climatic stress test and put in-put out to check the suitability of the insertion /corking force and the extraction/ uncorking force.

Beyond special project design and realization, the continue will to innovate and experiment push us to be every day committed in the research, the study and the application of new materials and to the discovery of new finishing that allows us to increase and define our offer. From this commitment, the MAT+LAB is born. The MAT+LAB wants to be a research area of study and information. A library to consult to get informed about new techniques and new ways to personalize the materials and define the products. It is a vibrant area, where new trends and significant innovations are on the agenda every day, from the most progressive blends to the most cutting-edge of technologies.

Highlighted product

Sughera Bee

A Wine stopper composed of 80% of granulated cork, odorless and glueless, lubricated with beeswax.

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