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19 & 20 January 2022 | Paris Expo Porte de Versailles


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Inospray created Dityspray, an alternative to aerosols and cartridges. This packaging system is using compressed air in a refillable box. No more propellant gas! It is suitable for technical products (in industry), cleaning products or for any liquid or thick product!

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Dityspray is composed of: • Ditybox: a reusable and shock resistant box. At the base, a valve allows the supply of compressed air. A nut ensure the airtightness one on pressure. • Ditybag: three-layer bags, transparent or aluminum, depending on the product. The bag is equipped with a dome cup, on which is set a valve. Depending on the packaged product, a nozzle or an accessory is added. • Ditybase: a base connected to the compressed air network. 6 seconds is enough for putting pressure in the system and use the product. • Ditypump: the complete suitcase that contains Ditybox, Ditybag and a compressor. This suitcase makes the use nomadic and accessible at any time. Dityspray is also services: • Dityrefill: it concerns the filling services of the Ditybag, on behalf of companies. The filled pockets will be returned ready for use. •Ditywork : for the development of the product, the supply of accessories and, if necessary, the rental of machines to allow the company to perform its own filling.

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