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Since 1962 Hinterkopf develops and manufactures complete production lines and machines for the industrial production of aerosol cans, tubes, bottles and other cylindrical hollow containers from aluminum and plastic. Reliability, flexibility and high-tech based on proprietary development characterizes machine concepts from the Eislingen/Germany based company. Hinterkopf portfolio includes transfer machines, printing and coating machines, capping machines, necking machines and trimmers, washers, accumulators, impact extrusion presses and custom machinery.

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Impact Extrusion Press

Presses are an integral part of production lines for cylindrical hollow containers. They are the first machines in an extensive and complex manufacturing process. They set the pace and define the geometric quality of the manufactured cylinders. Higher grade aluminum alloys as well as thin wall technology in aluminum cans place even greater emphasis on presses. The comprehensive line of impact-extrusion presses acquired by Hinterkopf represent the latest generation technology, with press forces ranging from 1,500 kN up to 6,300 kN. Thanks to an optimized knee lever design, the forming process is particularly homogenous.

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