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GRAFE from Blankenhain is a specialist in the modification of thermoplastics. These materials are specifically influenced not only in terms of colour, but also in their chemical and physical properties. Mass plastics are thus turned into high-tech materials. In addition to colour and additive masterbatches (colour granulates), the product range includes a wide range of functional plastic compounds.

The company was founded in 1991 in Jena by four brothers – Matthias, Clemens, Christian and Michael Grafe. Four years later, the company moved to the modern company complex in Blankenhain, where today more than 300 employees provide innovative solutions.

GRAFE is a valued partner in the plastics processing industry. More than 2000 customers worldwide, including companies in the packaging industrie, optical industry, toy industry, medical technology and automotive industry, such as VW, Audi and Porsche, are supplied with GRAFE products.

GRAFE’s customers rely on the ability of Blankenhain’s employees to develop intelligent solutions that make tailor-made products even better. In order to meet this requirement, GRAFE relies heavily on training. Ten percent of the workforce are trainees and students. With globally oriented patents, one of the largest research departments in the industry and intensive cooperation with scientific institutes, GRAFE is usually one step ahead of its competitors.

Highlighted product

Mermaid FX

The new “Mermaid Effect” project presents an exclusive multi-colored selection of high-quality color changing effects – also known as interference effects. The particularly elegant and luxurious colors create a breathtaking color contrast that allows the viewer to change his or her visual impression depending on the viewing angle and the incidence of light. Believe in the magic of color – Mermaid Effect Hardly any other figure is as beautiful and enchanting as the mermaid. Generations of sailors have dreamed of a girl with a dazzling fishtail. Even today the mythical creatures fascinate us with their shimmering and iridescent colors. Adapted to the magnificent colors of a mermaid’s fin, the GRAFE-DESIGN-CENTER presents eight different flop effects, which are characterized by their special color brilliance and a strong color change.

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