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Over 185 years of paper culture and high-tech companies.
Authentic, progressive and sustainable.

Paper connects people and creates experiences. Gmund has been creating the world’s finest paper since 1829. For nearly two centuries Gmund has operated in the Bavarian countryside, blending old world craftsmanship with new world technology to create the most environmentally responsible and modern paper on the market.

Gmund has invested in environmental technologies for more than 25 years. The Environmental Charta documents this commitment to reducing water consumption, responsibly sourcing and using materials, sustainably progress energy, and recycling.
Only Gmund treats its industrial water with ozone and entirely without chemicals. Water consumption has been reduced by 70% during the past 20 years. Every Gmund paper
earns the Gmund Eco Certificate, which corresponds to the guidelines of the
Environmental Charta.

Clients around the world seek out Gmund Paper for its impeccable quality and technical innovations. Independently owned and operated by the Kohler family since 1904, Gmund
is both an artefact of history and beacon for modern papermaking. The principles by which Gmund Paper continues to thrive starts with the innate passion for paper, the incomparable papermaking knowledge and a fundamental commitment to quality.

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