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We are Foilco, suppliers of the world’s widest range of stamping foil shades and finishes to the print industry.

With over 30 years of best practice in stamping foils, Foilco strive to inspire the use of the most varied and diverse range of stamping foils in the industry. It is our genuine aim to keep hot stamping foils as relevant and impactful as possible. This is achieved through educational programmes, design events, offering high level technical support and a continued dedication to developing new colours, patterns and themes.

By offering such a wide and unrivalled spectrum of colours from stock, we endeavour to remove the restrictions to creativity to open up the freedom of choice and individualism when considering stamping foils. Specialist in-house facilities allow for complimentary testing of our product portfolio on any chosen material. Working alongside the industries print fraternity, we have developed a robust catalogue of technical grades that work on almost every type of application; to optimise not just the right colour or shade but to enhance the result achieved with the artwork and material for each project.

An eco-conscious company, Foilco supply and support those in the luxury product markets, FMCG packaging sector, label makers and graphic arts community.

Let us collaborate with you to find the perfect foil for your project. Not only can we help you with your choices, but we can also help your preferred printer/finisher to select the correct available grades.

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Textile Foil

Foilco offer a wide range of different textile foils Here at Foilco we offer a wide selection of Textile foils designed to enhance any garment or heavily structured material. Textile foil is an easy release foil designed to bond to a silkscreen varnish onto a garment or heavily structured material. Textile foil can also withhold its effect and finish through multiple washes The foil can be transferred partially or have total coverage, depending on the effect required and the machinery that is used.

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