Fidel Fillaud – ADF&PCD and PLD Paris

Fidel Fillaud

Dedicated to the trading and distribution of packaging since the 1960s (bottles, jars, cans, canisters, jerrycans, drums, IBC, buckets & pails, flexible pouches), Fidel Fillaud offers packaging in every material for all sectors of business among which Cosmetics & personal care and Fragrances & essences manufacturing.

Our mission
• To provide a reliable and safe packaging solution for the storage, freight and, above all, the marketing and selling of liquid and solid goods.
• To bring a global answer to the needs of companies by offering them a particularly wide range of products, packagings in every types of material for all sectors of business and complementary services.
• Being a responsible actor on the packaging distribution market.

Quality assets and strenghts
• Quality certification : Fidel Fillaud is an ISO 9001 certified company
• Products quality : first rate partners & reliable containers
• Customer service quality : proximity and good advice, e-commerce website and highly functional online customer space
• Product range and availability : sheer breadth of range (45000 referenced articles), online orders & substantial storage capacities (30000 m²)
• Additional services : specific services to complement our core packaging activities and provide a comprehensive solution to the needs of our business clients

Our 6 agencies
Fidel Fillaud OUEST ATLANTIQUE (44), Fidel Fillaud ÎLE DE FRANCE (95), Fidel Fillaud MIDI AQUITAINE (31), Fidel Fillaud RHÔNE ALPES (69), Fidel Fillaud MÉDITERRANÉE (13), Fidel Fillaud GRAND EST (54)

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