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EUROVETROCAP has successfully been doing business for more than 30 years in the field of packaging for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and make up products.
These are the keys of our success: quality, competitive prices, short delivery times and also the possibility to supply small quantities of standard products. Our aim is to offer the best packaging solutions, aware that your success is also our success.
The range of our products is wider than that of our main competitors and it expands year on year with many new items being added. We are making efforts to develop new shapes, to use innovative materials and to improve engineering of new devices suitable to make our product always safer, cheaper and more effective.
Your product will be unique: due to a design in line with market trends, the extreme manufacturing flexibility and the most modern decoration techniques.

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The newest arrival at Eurovetrocap is the Parigi Airless jar, a new packaging solution able to guarantee the integrity of cosmetic products and responding to the growing demand for natural and delicate face care products. Equipped with a press-touch pump completely free of metal components, it allows for complete protection of cosmetic creams, avoids contact of the product with both air and fingers and, therefore, minimises oxidation and possible contamination during use. A simple press of the dispensing button allows for gradual release of the product, preventing unnecessary waste. Airless technology is combined with the advantages of a 100% plastic pack, promoting recycling and an ever increasing focus on sustainability, features which do not, however, limit possibilities of design customisation such as colouring, screen printing and hot stamping. The Parigi Airless 50ml jar joins our range of airless and refill solutions, including the already known 50ml Refill and Licata jars and the 15 and 30ml Refill Glass Airless bottles. Discover the Parigi Airless jar and the other refill solutions; ask us for a sample!

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