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Erpro 3D Factory

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Erpro 3D Factory, first major player in additive manufacturing in very large series.

Founded in 2017, Erpro 3D Factory aims to produce hundreds of thousands of pieces per week. The CHANEL brand trusts our factory of the future to produce the world’s first 3D printed mascara brush.

Member of the group, Erpro Group, which is leader in additive manufacturing, small, medium and large series. The Group offers a wide range of additive manufacturing technologies, complemented by engineering services (design, topological optimization), machining, plastic injection and finishing.

Highlighted product

Albéa / Désert

Erpro 3D Factory is proud to have co-developed the new Albéa Desert line, 4 new mascara brushes, Cactus, Whirl, Quicksand and Palm Leaf. These four mascara brushes are printed in # PA11, a 100% bio-sourced raw material (castor oil), in our Val d’Oise factory

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