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Heat-sealing specialist for more than 25 years, EMBATHERM
puts its expertise at your service by providing you complete
solutions of heat-sealing, pre-cut foils (lids) and machines.

The lid is an easy way of closure, easy to implement and low-
costs. It brings the tamper evidence and a complete barrier to
gas and light in the case of aluminum lids. It is also a design
element which contributes to the aesthetic of the packaging and
strengthens the brand image.

All sobriety, the neutral lids are available cut in aluminum or PET
(white or transparent) foil, according to your preferences and
your application (jar material).

More than 150 existing diameters and around 15 different foils allow us to solve easily most of applications.
For more exotic shapes (lids with trapezoidal body, elliptic, square shape… or specific tear tab shape), it is
possible to create a specific cutting device.

By customizing it, the lid becomes a true piece of design reinforcing the brand awareness by the reminder
of its logo, sometimes already present on the cap.
Several solutions are offered to make your lid unique:
– printing of your logo or text in one color, on an aluminium, white or gold background, among 3 embossing,
– stamping of your logo or text, monochromatic: the surface of the lid is made matte by the embossing
‘diamond points (only embossing that allows an optimal definition of the pattern); the logo surface is under-
-lined by the difference of brightness, with a best result on aluminium or gold background (shiny foil).

Through the years, EMBATHERM has adapted to the expectations of our main target: Cosmetics.
We are proud to work with many renowned brands (Dior, Chanel, Liérac, L’Occitane, Avène, Guerlain and
others) in a close and continuous cooperation over the years.
In order to maintain its privileged relationships, EMBATHERM is constantly innovating, either to meet
specific needs or to improve our process, and consequently the quality of our products.

Highlighted product

Sub-contracting in heatsealing on empty plastic pieces

Specialists in sealing for more than 25 years, whether it is foils and lids or machines, EMBATHERM put its expertise at your service offering tailor-made sealing operations on your empty plastic pieces. As for the sealing of a jar, the sealing of empty plastic pieces, components of your final products, brings tamper evidence and tightness to an orifice reducer, protection of a clean piercing device on a pharmaceutical cap for tube, protection of a diffusing cap…there are numerous applications. On some specific applications, like the sealing of very small lids onto orifice reducers or aluminium belts on obturators, it is often easier for you to outsource the sealing operation, either because the quantities does not deserve investing in a machine or because the technical complexity requires an in-depth know-how. We have a polyvalent park of machines dedicated to sub-contracting; among them the latest version of our automatic sealers for orifice reducers TRE180, machines that allow to adapt the tooling specific to your particular pieces (production under laminar air-flow possible on request). The Toptherm, an EMBATHERM creation, is an elegant concept combining the originality of an aluminium belt and the functionality of a lid. It consists on sealing an annular disc cut in an aluminium or plastic thermo foil on top of an existing plastic obturator. The component thus obtained: the“TOPTHERM” will be sealed on the jar once the final packaging is done, ensuring the product inviolability as it could be done with a full classic lid.

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