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Cotton Blue, creator of bonds, is happy to contribute to the success of its customers since 1998 !
A team close to you and your needs! More than a team, it’s the B team!
Each market and each customer has their specificities. You are unique, just like your proposals : we like to listen to your stories and build long-term partnerships.
Whether it is to win customers’ loyalty, trigger the purchase or promote a communication operation, we design products and services that make sense, that adapt to the challenges of our customers and coincide with changes in the market and the current world. We imagine innovative and original product lines where sustainability and ecology play a significant role.
We support the players in distance selling, in retail, in the automotive industry, in cosmetics and the pharmaceutical laboratories.

“But what is the B team? ”
B as Blue, but also B as BEST to make you shine Brighly!!!!
For this, we have recruited one hell of a squad !

Product and Marketing
Analyze – Support – Differentiate
Product managers are on the lookout for the latest trends and coordinate the smooth running of projects in order to arouse emotion through unique products, tailor-made for you. Our goal: to enhance your marketing operations and retain your customers.

Styling and design
At Cotton Blue, this service is also called the “place of creativity”! Compulsory place to give birth to any of your wishes! Enough to make the genie of the lamp blush! When imagination and originality meet to make you dream!

Buyers and Production planner
Select – Control – Communicate
Fine negotiators, they ensure us a competitive position while preserving the quality of the products. An essential link in our chain without which no creation could become a beautiful sample! As the cartoon character Gyro Gearloose, curious and persevering, they are able to move mountains and ensure significant reactivity!

Quality – Logistics:
Control – Organize – Guarantee

QUALITY: What would Cotton Blue be without its “watchdog”? No product falls through the cracks: our quality engineer and his acolyte have a eagle eye. Control, advice, documentary and normative monitoring, … Everything is in place to ensure serenity.

LOGISTICS: Here it is … It’s over … You fell in love with a product, you touched it and without resisting, you ordered it!
Product manager, stylists and buyers have convinced you, our quality department has reassured you, between us, you have done well!
Let our logistics team complete the loop by taking over the organization of transport and delivery. Whether by boat, train or, in rarer cases, by plane, we choose the best service providers so that your products travel in good conditions and on time.

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