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Cloud Beauty Global Innovation Hub

About us

Cloud Beauty is a collaborative business platform providing comprehensive solutions for suppliers & customers in cosmetics industry. Our member companies range from ingredient R&D, effect testing & analysis, formula production, packaging design and manufacture, branding and marketing to logistics management.
Our core value is “Sharing, Exploring and Thriving Together”.
We are never satisfied with who we are just because of what we achieved. We have established and earned our reputation by doing hard things well. Whenever you need a partner, we are here for you.

Highlighted product


PET airless bottle is presented by Cloud Beauty member Aromatic Packaging. Among the ecological plastic materials, PET is always the most desirable one, thanks to its high recyclability and excellent crystal-clear look. We develop this airless series, with all the components (except for pump) made of PET, while the pump is in PP, with metal spring set outside the mechanism, hence enabling easy disassemble and recycle every piece. The overall look brings revolutionary Crystal Clear in every part of the airless bottle.

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