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Capardoni & C. Srl

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Capardoni is a group of Italian manufacturing and service companies working in the cosmetics industry.
It has been providing packaging for nail polish, cosmetics, perfumery, skin care and make up since 1947.
Our wide offer of products includes jars and bottles made in glass and plastic, airless and roll-on.
Our strength is the ability to offer a full packaging combined with a complete choice of accessories and a huge range of decoration options to deliver an experience of packaging tailor made and help customers to find just what they need.
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Cosmetic jar entirely made from recycled raw materials with a transparent glass-like appearance and a recycled PP ivory cap that can be coloured in pastel shades. – Jar in recycled glass up to 90% (60% post-consumer + 30% post-industrial) – Cap totally made in PP recycled post consumer – Cap also available in Biobased PE from renewable plant source PRODUCT BENEFITS: – Fully Recycled and Recyclable : easy to disassemble, can be totally recycled and give birth to new products in the perspective of a circular economy. – The use of recycled raw materials prevents the waste of potentially useful materials, ensures a more sustainable production cycle and reduces the consumption of raw materials, energy use and associated greenhouse gas emissions.

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