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Benpac Packaging is one of the world’s leading manufacturers for specialized packaging equipment. We design and build full lines for manufacturing and extruded plastic tubes, plastic beverage caps, aluminum screw caps, aluminum tubes, and aluminum cans.
Mindful on the industry’s concerns for efficiency and environmental considerations, our Swiss engineered equipment addresses these issues.
Our reliable lines provide customers the confidence to consistently and cost effectively produce aluminum aerosol cans to the highest quality, while meeting all industry standards.

Highlighted product

Monobloc Aerosol Cans Line

Automatic production system for extruding aluminum cans, trimming to length, brushing the side wall, washing the cans with alkaline process, then applying and curing internal lacquer, apply and dry base coating lacquer on the base coating machine. Decorate the cans up to 9 colors and after drying, apply over-varnish and transfer the cans to the can necking machine.

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