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Progressive Passionate and Personal

Why start another packaging company when there are already so many in the Beauty arena?
We frequently get asked this question and the answer is simple.

We do things differently and we see the gaps.
We are deliberately compact (excuse the pun) and our core global team is formed from the best respected and most experienced in the industry. It allows us to be nimble, intuitive and fast.

Our entrepreneurial attitude drives us to hunt out and integrate break-through innovations from around the world and we are committed to meaningful and beneficial change.

We’re not afraid of challenges and our business is structured in a way that decision making is swift and pragmatic.

By bringing passion, progressive ideation and brilliant personal service to you and your team, we hope to contribute to your success and growth.

Our main categories are:
Asquan Pack – Primary Packaging for Cosmetics and Skincare
Asquan Brush – Makeup Brushes and Beauty Tools
Asquan Atelier – Cosmetic Bags & Pouches
Asquan 360 – Turnkey Cosmetics & Skincare

Highlighted product

Asquan NFC smart packaging solution

Beauty and Tech development! At Asquan, being at the forefront of beauty packaging innovation is our priority. Our NFC packaging technology is an all-in-one smart packaging solution connecting your customer to your brand. The technology allows you to ensure brand protection through authentication, simplify product tracking, and maximize your customer engagement. Learn more about our NFC Smart Packaging Solution and discover NFC Technology benefits to both your brand and end customers​.

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