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Arzuffi is worldwide leader in high vacuum coating systems and PVD&PECVD technologies. For over 30 years, we have designed and built customized equipment to completely satisfy the customer’s need and in the last few years we have revolutionized the idea of metallization with fully automated solutions. Our processes – from thermal evaporation to sputtering and reactive sputtering – guarantee an optimal metal deposition on a variety of substrate materials and shapes. The application fields are automotive, cosmetic packaging, lighting, decorative and many others.

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Line-Met is a revolutionary family of in-line equipment designed by Arzuffi. It is fully automated, able to produce without the presence of the operators, and it guarantees higher productivity at a lower price due to the elimination of the costs of workers and the reduction of the costs of maintenance. Its attractive and ergonomic design, its reliability and its incredible productivity (40 seconds cyclee time) have made Line-Met an unprecedented metallization equipment.

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