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Are you looking for a True 360o Spray™? Do you need complete evacuation of your product? Are you looking to switch to an environmentally safe and sustainable propellant? Anyway spray patented technology is your answer.

Introducing the Anyway Spray tube
Unlike the conventional dip tube which has 1 hole at the end, the Anyway Spray tube is sealed. Instead, it has millions of microscopic holes running its entire length. So long as the liquid is touching any part of the tube it will pass through. The patented Anyway spray tube is made from a proprietary gas barrier material that allows liquid to pass through in preference to the gas.

BBC 2 Dragons Den first brought Anyway spray technology to the attention of the world in 2009. Since then the inventor, Michael Pritchard, MBE has invested heavily in both the technology and manufacturing capabilities. We are able to provide our technology for use with aerosols, trigger sprays, perfumes and pumps and we will work with all major manufacturers including Lindal, Prevision Valve, Summit Valve, Guala and Coster. In addition we have our own dedicated filling line designed for both metal aerosol cans and plastic PET aerosols, so if you would like us to fill for you it’s no problem. As well as aerosol filling we are able to fill trigger spray bottles, perfume sprays and pumps.

The Anyway Spray Technology Story:
Ever since the trigger spray was invented almost 50 years ago and the aerosol almost 100 years ago they have both suffered from 2 such obvious design flaws it’s a wonder consumers have put up with them for so long. Because they use a dip tube they can only work primarily in one direction and are generally incapable of removing the entire contents of the container.

There is a 3rd more important problem with Aerosol sprays. More than 90% of aerosol sprays use LPG propellants such as Propane and Butane to propel the product from the can. These propellants are VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which have a 300% higher Global Warming Potential (GWP) than CO2. They also significantly contribute to ground level ozone.

Along with their damaging effects on the environment LPG’s are expensive, highly flammable and are classed as drugs. Volatise Substance Abuse (VSA) resulted in the deaths of 366 people in England and Wales between 2001-2016*. 7% of all Solvent abuse was through the inhalation of Aerosols.

In 2009 Michael Pritchard, MBE invented and patented Anyway Spray technology. The Anyway Spray dip tube is a disruptive technology that is a direct replacement for existing dip tubes.

Converting your old spray technology to Anyway Spray technology will deliver you enhanced customer functionality, reduce your VOC emissions, reduce your impact on the environment, create happy customers and help reduce deaths from Volatile Substance Abuse. Ask us for a free sample today. Contact us:,


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