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Anaik has been a leading premium partner of major beauty, fragrance and retail brands for over 45 years.
We are dedicated to design, manufacture and commercialization of packaging solutions and gifts with purchase accessories. We offer a variety of premium packaging, folding cartons, rigid containers, luxury bags and private label accessories.
Anaik’s commitment is to guarantee conformity, trace-ability and integrity. Our target is to secure every aspect of your projects and productions. We have the ability to focus on your demands thanks to an expert integrated quality and CSR team.
By placing the consumer at the heart of our thinking, we help you choose the best creative support for your brand’s image. We offer products that are made to measure and design-to-cost.
While satisfying the client’s expectations and respecting the brand’s DNA, we offer long-lasting consumer oriented solutions.
Corporate social responsibility is our DNA.
Our digital solutions are part of our added value and makes us unique.


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