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Alternative Packaging Solutions (APS) has big ideas for the world of packaging.
APS develops and delivers innovative and proprietary packaging solutions to the FMCG market, creating an opportunity for breakthrough differentiation, performance and market disruption for leading brands.
New APS developments focus on packaging breakthroughs that bring meaningful technological advancement, high consumer acceptance and performance, along with attractive economics and superior sustainability profiles.

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APS has developed MiniMist, a new dispensing system to disrupt the aerosol industry. MiniMist produces a continuous spray without any chemical propellants. Its innovative construction remains cost competitive with a significantly lower carbon footprint than aerosols. MiniMist’s spray characteristics and customizable design allow for almost any packaging shape and material to suit different brands and product categories. Our product frees our customers from the cylindrical metal can. The MiniMist sprays a high-quality continuous stream in any position including upside down. It dispenses 100% active product and allows for cheaper refills than aluminum aerosols. Without the need for chemical propellants, the MiniMist requires no specialized handling, storage, transport, or insurance and is not subject to the regulatory restrictions of aerosols. Its recyclable design reduces the carbon footprint of both the producer and consumer.

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