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AISA Automation Industrielle SA is the leading supplier of equipment offering innovative laminate and seamless plastic tube packaging production solutions for the cosmetic, oral care and food industry.
Engaged in creating performant and sustainable solutions in the packaging technology domain, we use our technologies to create new or enhance existing packages, as well as develop new technologies with the aim to better suit the changing markets.
We are an independent and strong international industrial group. We have a very solid heritage of experience, invention and confidence and we are motivated since 4 generations by a tradition of innovation and passion which contributes to the success of our clients and partners.

Highlighted product

Replace bottles with tubes

Large recyclable PBL tubes are a perfect solution to reduce packaging weight and lower the environmental impact of tubes. The “Purple – The Colosseum” Decoseam™ Ø50mm tube. Produced with a certified recyclable PBL laminate from Huhtamaki, this lightweight tube is a great alternative to bottles, for example in the cosmetic hair care market. This sustainable tube is made on Aisa’s end-to-end Decoseam™ 240 line. Composed of a body maker BM 240, a PTH 240 header and capping machine CM 240, it’s simply the fastest Ø50mm laminate tube production line on the market, with an output of 240 tubes per minute. Thanks to Aisa’s Decoseam™ technology, we combine sustainability with high quality 360° decoration, while providing barrier against both moisture and oxygen.

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