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Aimants Calamit is the french subsidiary of the society Calamit created in Milan in 1957 possessing since an entity in Spain (created in 1991) as well as in Germany (created in 2013).
At first simple distributor (in 1992), it’s in 1999 when Aimants Calamit open its offices of 60 m ² in Paris. Due to a growing request and a capacity to answered to demands, Aimants Calamit does not stop inflating its business. bringing him(it) from now on to invest(surround) a warehouse of more than 1500 m ². So the society becomes one of the European leaders of magnets supplies so allowing him to increase even more its storage capacity and to assure so a bigger reactivity of delivery.
Aimants Calamit is now one of more important major branches of industry (the automobile, the PLV) among which the packaging and the cosmetic. Strong for its experience, Aimants Calamit accompanies his customers in the development of any projects, share their know-how and advice the most adapted thanks to a highly qualified commercial team.



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