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Aerofa is a dynamic, young and fast-growing contract manufacturer of Aerosol Filling located in Kocaeli, Turkey. Our filling line is unique in Turkey with its properties, involves 5 different gas filling systems CO2, DME, N, Compressed-Air, LPG. All manufactured products comply with aerosol regulation. We are one of the manufacturers that produce only private label products without having productions under own brands.

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Personal Care Products, Household Cleaning Products, Technical Sprays, Car Maintenance Sprays, Other Aerosol Products

• Personal Care Products: Deodorant; Deodorant-Antiperspirant; Roll-on; Hair Spray; Hair Mousse; Shaving Foam; Shaving Gel; Cooling Spray (For Athletes and Daily Trauma Usage); Dry shampoo; Hair Glitter; Color Mech Spray; Nail Polish Drying Spray; Hair Remover Foam; Foot Deodorant; Legs Foundation; Shoe Spray; Shower Foam; Shower Gel • Household Cleaning Products: Carpet and Fabric Cleaner; Built and Enamel Cleaner; Wooden Furniture Cleaner; Seat&Sofa Cleaner; Glass Cleaner; Tiles&Ceramic Cleansing Foam; Air Freshener – Natural Air Freshener (With natural fragrance-Compressed Air–Bag-on Valve); Automat Refill Spray; Oven Cleanser; Starch Spray; Freeze Cleanser Spray; Refrigerator Cleaner; Stain Remover Spray • Technical Sprays: Computer Cleaner Spray / Foam; Airconditioning Cleaner Spray; Rust Remover; Oil Cleaner; Disinfectant Spray; Silicone Spray; FireExtinguisher Spray; Silicone Greese Spray; Injector Cleanser • Car Maintenance Sprays: Stain Preventor Sprays; Brake Lining Sprays; Auto Perfumes; Torpedo Polish Spray; Tire Sprays; Tyre Repair Foam; Carburetor Sprays • Other Aerosol Products: Nitrogen Aerosol Filling; Bag-on Valve Products; Compressed Aerosol Products; Dymethyl-ether Products; Aerosol Cream Products; Aerosol Gels; Aerosol Foams; Powdered Aerosols; Aerosol Medications – Nasal Sprays, Inhalor Sprays, Cold Sprays, Panthenol…

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