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As a major brand protection player, Advanced Track and Trace Company presents its overt and covert anti-counterfeit solutions, per unit traceability with aggregation, grey market monitoring, tampering detection and CRM.
Advanced Track & Trace® has worked with authorities and international groups in all activity sectors and regions sensitive to tackle illicit trade: wines and spirits, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics, spare parts, food, luxury…
With over 15 years of experience in the authentication and identification of physical supports and secure traceability, Advanced Track & Trace® serves its markets with full knowledge of their needs and imperatives in order to elaborate the best strategies and to build the most suitable solutions. Specialized in the integration of digital technologies applied to the printing/marking of physical supports, and their remote use, Advanced Track & Trace® offers value-creating, security-enforcing solutions to its clients based on highest level science R&D program.
Strong Authentication
Requiring no additional consumables, simple to operate, Advanced Track & Trace® solutions can be integrated easily on all supports (paper, coated paperboard, plastics, metal, etc.) using all printing/marking processes. Each code has a unique identity that makes it possible to trace back production operations. The solutions can be integrated safely in all the subcontractors or suppliers’ production systems. These solutions can be used remotely in the field by a simple smartphone reading or with other dedicated readers.
Per Unit Traceability
Each product (or each component) carries its own individual identity. The product is traced throughout the production process, storage units, shipments (automatic and picking), and the supply chain. Identified using public codes (barcodes, 2D codes, or other), and sometimes associated with private solutions to address risks (counterfeiting, refilling, re-use, etc.) or fraud (Diversion, Grey markets…), the product is unique and followed as such worldwide.
It can also bear solutions for customer relationship and marketing. Advanced Track & Trace® is an expert in the integration of unitary traceability processes. Its experience with world leading groups places it at the forefront of innovative and optimized solutions, to provide complementary functions and a high added-value to a product without affecting the production tool.
Advanced Track & Trace® provides turnkey unitary traceability applications: engineering, devices (marking-reading-automatics-etc.), ERP or systems linkage, integration in existing ones, setting up, training and maintenance.

Using standard operating or proprietary applications according to the strategies chosen, Advanced Track & Trace® offers a wide variety of options to involve the consumer (or a third target: distributor, dealer, etc.) safely and efficiently.
QR code, secure QR code, unique and encrypted codes, Advanced Track & Trace® solutions provide original, simple and high-value functions.
Let the consumer get the specific data of your batch using its smartphone camera!

Ask for ID PackLine, the next level of Traceability solution.

Highlighted product

ID PackLine

IDENTIFY EACH PRODUCT Create an identity card for your products, and associate a unit serial number with them. With ID Pack Line®, generate sheets summarising the main characteristics of your products: name, list of excipients, galenic form, other information… and associate a unit serial number to each of these products, allowing them to be tracked precisely right up to the end consumer. The identification codes are integrated into the packaging, or by by affixing a secure, pre-serialized sticker. RECORD AND CONTROL YOUR ENTIRE PRODUCTION For each production order, define a product, a packaging method and a recipient. The affiliation of each product to its box and pallet allows a total and detailed control of the products intended for dispatch or storage. ID Pack Line® allows importing upstream traceability information from the main production management software, for total traceability. DETER & DETECT PARALLEL MARKETS By scanning the 2D code of the products, access all their history and their descriptive sheet, anywhere in the world: excipients, production date, packaging, recipient… By identifying each product, highlight and deter illegal practices: parallel markets, smuggling… AUTOMATIC GENERATION OF MOBILE SITES Thanks to the CMS integrated in ID Pack Line®, generate web pages, allow consumers to check the origin and identity of their products, and make exclusive promotional content available to them. – Compatible with manual and automated packaging – Easy to set up and train your staff – Fully adaptable to all speeds and volumes

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