Control and measurement – ADF&PCD and PLD Paris

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IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU. PRECISION, the inventor of the modern aerosol valve, is the leading global manufacturer and supplier of aerosol valves, actuators and other dispensing solutions for various end markets, including personal care, household, food, industrial, and pharmaceutical. With 17 facilities in 15 countries on 6 continents, PRECISION is the unique player offering …


MBC Aerosol

We offer a wide array of products and services for any aerosol and bag-on-valve machinery needs, and we continue to invest in the latest designs and technology to ensure that our products are always the best on the market. We strive to provide the highest quality of products and services at an affordable rate. The …

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Pamasol Willi Mader

Pamasol systematically sets out to achieve the best solutions for its customers. In fact, we have been a pioneer of innovative standards in the aerosol industry for the last 50 years. We provide expert support and know-how for companies seeking to develop their full potential in aerosol and spray systems. Worldwide.

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