Promotional Opportunities

Highlight your innovations and expertise by linking your brand to our event communication campaign, in addition to the activities and key zones at the heart of the exhibition.

Impact on a target audience at ADF&PCD and PLD Paris, we can help you to stand out! With hundreds of exhibitors, and the show growing year on year, sponsorship provides a great means of standing out from the crowd onsite, and demonstrating your position as a market leader and innovator.

Check our offers available and contact us if you want tailor-made sponsorship!

Icon Lounge Sponsor

Secure opportunity

Your company will be presented as one of the leading brands at the event. All ICON visitors have access to the dedicated ICON Lounge.

Networking Lounge Sponsor

Secure opportunity

Sponsor one of the three networking areas (Ambassador Lunch, Champagne Bar or Cocktail Bar) and receive branding and visibility around the busiest areas of the show.

Registration Sponsor

Secure opportunity

Be the first to welcome the attendees to the event!

Innovation Awards Sponsor

Secure opportunity

Honour, celebrate and align your company with innovation in packaging by hosting the 2020 ADF&PCD Innovation Awards.

Conference Sponsor

Secure opportunity

This sponsorship associates your brand with thought leadership as the overall host sponsor of one of the four conference theatres (PCD, ADF, ITT or PLD).

Bag & Insert Sponsor

Secure opportunity

Your brand will be visible as it’s carried around the show by the visitors, as well as taken back to the office for continued visibility!

Coffee Point Sponsor

Secure opportunity

Associate your company with hospitality and creating connections across the industry by sponsoring coffee points during the ADF&PCD event.

Lanyard Sponsor

Secure opportunity

Your brand will be visible on every visitor, delegate and exhibitor – and in the post-show video and photographs!

Contact the team

Interested in sponsorship opportunities? Our team are here to help with your enquires.

Jennifer Groves
Head of Sales ADF&PCD and PLD Paris

+44 (0)20 3196 4433

Federico Dellafiore
Head of International Sales – Packaging

+44 (0)20 3196 4436

Charles Douannes
Sales Manager

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Carly Leaver
International Sales Manager

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