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ADF Talks presents the latest thinking on the biggest challenges and future opportunities for technologists and engineers and decision-makers in the aerosol and dispensing market.

The ADF Talks programme focuses on the key technical, sustainability and regulatory challenges for the market with expert speakers from the biggest brands and stakeholders – all presented in a range of interactive keynote, panel debate and Q&A sessions.

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Wednesday 29 January 2020

ADF&PCD and PLD Talks

BRAND KEYNOTE - Aerosols, regulation and public perception: the 2020 outlook

ADF Talks Theatre

Sebastian Kraus, Associate Director Packaging at Kao

PERSPECTIVES - Aerosols, regulation and public perception: the 2020 outlook

ADF Talks Theatre

Alain D'Haese, Secretary General at FEA

What’s going on in the EU?

Jean Blottière, General Delegaute at CFA

An overview of French aerosol dispenser production and the regulatory pitfalls to overcome

Steve Caldeira, CEO at Household & Commercial Products Association

Ingredient disclosure in the United States

Nicholas George, Senior Director at Household & Commercial Products Association

VOC activity across the United States

KEYNOTE - CITEO Household packaging management in the EU and France – the case of aerosols

ADF Talks Theatre

Gaultier Massip, Eco Design Engineer at CITEO

Overview of the management of household packaging in the EU, and in France in particular: eco-design, awareness of the need to sort, collect, re-sort and recycle. Focus on some projects around aerosols and the latest figures on packaging end-of-life recycling.

TECHNOLOGY WORKSHOP - Cans and valves – Part 1

ADF Talks Theatre

Co-moderator: Nathalie Thys, GSK

Co-moderator: Jean-François Wimmer, Hutchinson

Herbert Naef, Manager MetalDeco Inks at Sun Chemical

SunColorBox – Colour management and colour communication in the metal packaging industry

Nikoletta Lemesanszkine-Piszkor from TIGER Coatings GmbH & Co KG

BPA NI and PAM-alternative powder coatings for the inside of monobloc aerosol can

Anna Fitrzyk director at Jago Pro

Quality determinants of aerosol packaging in cosmetic industry

TECHNOLOGY WORKSHOP - Cans and valves – part 2

ADF Talks Theatre

Co-moderator: Nathalie Thys, GSK

Co-moderator: Jean-François Wimmer, Hutchinson

Rüdiger Löhl, Executive Board Member at E-proPLAST

PET – A safe and sustainable alternative for filling of aerosols

Alexander Hinterkopf, Managing Director at Hinterkopf GmbH

Hinterkopf presents next generation digital printing machine D240.3

Matt Dass, Chairman at Springfield Solutions

SASO® – A digital packaging solution for a digital world

TECHNOLOGY WORKSHOP - Filling and formulation

ADF Talks Theatre

Moderator: Johannes Burghaus, Procter & Gamble

Ryota Nakamoto – ACOA

Aerosols: What’s trending in Asia?

Frank Verhoeven – Medspray

Medspray’s fine mist spray: what are the pros and cons?

Mark Nicmanis - Triple Line Technology

VOC-free, foamed aerosol technology

ADF&PCD Awards 2020

PCD Talks Theatre

Celebrate the best packaging achievements of the aerosol, dispensing, perfume and cosmetics sectors with the top names in the industry – and hear from our special guest speaker to be announced soon.

Followed by networking drinks at the Champagne Bar

Thursday 30 January 2020

BRAND KEYNOTE – BEIERSDORF - Aerosols, design for recycling and the sustainability challenge

ADF Talks Theatre

Bernhard Felten, Beiersdorf

PERSPECTIVES - Towards zero-carbon design and sustainable production

ADF Talks Theatre

Moderator: Bernhard Felten, Beiersdorf

09:40 to 09:50 with Michael W. Pritchard - Anyway Spray

Stop warming the planet – Zero emissions aerosol design

9:50 to 10:00 with Jason Galley - Ball Aerocan

Unlocking the full potential of packaging

Gilles Mangin - ArcelorMittal Europe

Smart steel solutions for lightweight aerosols

Leopold Werdich – Tubex

Efficiency in aerosol can manufacturing

Scott Smith - Procter & Gamble

PET the clear choice for aerosol containers

PERSPECTIVES - Recycling of aerosols: the material challenge

ADF Talks Theatre

Moderator: Bernhard Felten, Beiersdorf

Alberto Malerba – Honeywell

Solstice® propellant (HFO-1234ze) – the safe and environmental solution at high performance

Kinza Sutton – Plastipak

The recyclability of PET aerosols

Mostafa Aboulfaraj - France Aluminium Recyclage

Recycling aluminium aerosols: challenges and opportunities

Thijs Feenstra - Pezy Group

Design for recycling without design from recycling can never be circular

11:45 to 11:55 with Alexis Van Maercke – APEAL

Ready for real recycling?

KEYNOTE - BAMA Beyond Brexit – aerosols and packaging supply chains / 2020 Brexit Update: The potential impact for the UK and the EU

ADF Talks Theatre

Patrick Heskins, British Aerosol Manufacturers Association

BRAND KEYNOTE – JOHNSON & JOHNSON - The future of aerosols to 2025

ADF Talks Theatre

Marc Spiniella, Johnson & Johnson

PERSPECTIVES - The future of aerosols to 2025

ADF Talks Theatre

Franck Flecheux - LEREM

Certification steps and perspectives for the future of aerosols

Lerem Logo

Gary Hawthorne - Power Can Partnership s.r.l.

Biomass can technology


Jonathan Gawtrey - L'Oréal

The Future of Aerosols – What next in terms of Product Innovation?


Adrian McCretton - KDC/ONE Swallowfield

The Future of Aerosols – Consumer Challenges Ahead

2:55 to 3:05 from Lana Glazman - Aptar Beauty + Home

From benefit analysis to innovation opportunities in aerosols

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