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ADF Innovation Awards - the best in aerosol and dispensing innovation

The ADF Innovation Awards are designed to single out the technological innovations in aerosol and dispensing systems packaging. They are awarded by an independent jury of brands, aerosol & dispensing technology experts and journalists. Your product should be distributed in the European and/or international market between 1st January and the 31st December 2020.

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Explore the 2020 ADF Innovation Awards winners


Personal care - Aerosol

Kao - Cape


Kao – Cape Hair Spray

Pushing force of the button has been reduced by 40% through lever action.(Universal Design)
Spray direction of the button is instantly knew by placing the finger on because of the new shape.
The button can be easily separated from the can by the design of a hook shape and partial notch.



Gatineau  – Alkessence Ionactive Alkaline Mis

The use of BOV technology offers the perfect dispensing solution in terms of comfort of use (360° use), continuous dispensing and product protection. The advanced design of NEO fine mist actuator perfectly matches with the aluminum pearl white can with smooth grey decoration.



Aerosol Service Poland – Actuo

Actuo is the first aerosol actuator which can be easily operated using only one hand – without having to hold the aerosol can.

Personal care - Dispensing

innovative dispensing solution


KaoBioreu Foam Stamp Hand Wash

The new hand wash package provides both the fun of getting cute flower shaped foam and usability with one hand operation featuring universal design.



VirospackDropper With Massager Tip

Dropper with extra function thanks to its pipette that ends in a metal tip with cooling effect.


attak zero


KaoAttack Zero

Newly developed “One-hand pump” is able to measure single-handed by the counts of push.



Daizo1-Push Insecticide With 1cc Metered Valve

Daizo developed this range of products with a 1cc metering valve, which allows for a five times increase of spraying volume. This provides the consumer with maximum convenience, as the product only needs to be sprayed once in a room



Anyway SprayDeft

Deft is a new kind of cleaner that turns the world of cleaning on its head. Deft is powered by 100% natural compressed air and can be sprayed continuously in any direction with just a light squeeze of the trigger.




Doc Ofta – Arnistil

The innovation of Arnistil is a combination between a new preservative free solution packed with an active packaging able to preserve it.

Industrial & Technical Application



Lindal – Dupont Great Stuff™ – Smart Dispenser

DuPont GREAT STUFF™ SMART DISPENSER™ is a new, innovative, polyurethane foam applicator designed for the DIYer within the new construction and remodeling home improvement market.

Aerosol Packaging Technology

tubex shiny


TubexAluminium Rise & Shine



tubex dove men care


TubexDove Men & Care

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