Focus on… Our favourite packs from December

Let’s have a look at some of our favourite packs from December! These designs and packs are all thanks to the brands and designers and their outstanding work.

Notitled cosmetics called on Atman Studio 101, Off the grid, Hooodinist and Notitle picture to design unique packaging. Notitled is a project that explores the aesthetic qualities of curves by twisting them repeatedly.

According to the designers, “Our goal was to show the beyond generation a design of liquid lipstick by encompassing the beauty and contemporary materials of the curve”.

Designed with the essence of “the most perfect curve” in mind, the modern design of the lipstick was characterised by curvy lines and a contemporary material.

Extra Strong Rum is a project by O,nice! Design created with the aim of producing an extraordinary label with a single step in line.

Presented in two layers of paired cards, the bottom level features a cold holographic effect used to reproduce different types of galleons, pirate ships and marine elements. The sparkling glows of the holographic contrast with the blue are reflected like rays of light on the sea. The upper level of the label is a frieze that contains different expressions between colours and engravings. At the centre the seal of the rum is presented with a micro-engraved relief that completes the work creating structure and tactile effect, the surface becomes material and recalls a label of a rum of centuries ago.

The result is a printing work that contains the maximum potential between design, technique, and materials, creating a unique rum label.

Siesta Brewing Co called on Luis Utrijazz to design the first canned beer label and graphic system for their new limited edition product line.

The new design system features wild, inspiring, and humorous illustrations based on the flavour profile and its meaning. In addition to their core brews and branding, Siesta’s iconic logo character is embedded within the scene, which is also a representation of consumers themselves.

With this new line of beer, the designer has achieved to make each packaging unique and collectible. colours of the oils wanting to represent the honesty and transparency with which the brand was created. We created minimalist, mono-coloured packaging, which is shown in everyday situations or surrounded by nature”.

This illustrates how effective products are becoming part of our everyday life, while allowing us to make a positive impact on the planet in an easy and straightforward manner.

Appartement 103 was chosen by German distributor Perola Fine Spirits to create Razel’s, a brand-new rum that liquifies American flavours and desserts.

The designers took inspiration from the American diners on Route 66. This idea was conveyed using vintage yet surprising colour combinations to create vibrancy while evoking an emotional connection with the 50’s period. Beyond the colourful patterns, the agency played with typefaces variety and illustrations to portray this fun side of the brand while still conveying premiumness.

All the elements were carefully implemented with premium finishing. The use of hot-foil finishing, bubbly varnish and embossing help convey the brand’s inspiration with an elevated premium touch to the overall presentation.

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