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Focus on… Our favourite packs from November

Let’s have a look at some of our favourite packs from November! These designs and packs are all thanks to the brands and designers and their outstanding work.

The Rooster Factory has designed this pack for Olafsson Icelandic Gin. 

With rich and detailed hand-drawn illustrations, this pack is an invitation to discover the captivating story of Eggert Ólafsson. The colours chosen for the labels are reflections of the natural shades and lights of Iceland’s terrain and landscape.

To finish this design, a wooden cap topped with a Zamak medallion pays tribute to the birth, an emblematic Icelandic tree.

Boundless Studio has designed this beautiful pack for Wessex Gin.

Boundless designed a bespoke bottle taking inspiration from ancient apothecary bottles and using a range of unusual colours that glow through the faceted bottle. The neck is shaped like a decanter with a wide opening to hold an oversized cork stopper adorning the Wyvern icon.

Finishing off this mythical bottle is an exact replica silver penny coin of Alfred the Great from 871 AD hanging around the neck.

Vera is a skincare brand that offers all-natural, vegan, and sustainable skincare through honest and transparent messaging and ingredients.
The soft-textured, hand-drawn illustrations and warm colour palette convey Vera’s natural ingredients and hand-made feel. Vera was created to meet a desire for natural remedies, drawing inspiration from homemade skin-care creams.
The wordmark resembles the elegant stems of aloe vera, with high-contrast letterforms complementing the illustration. The use of fine lines and colour blocking throughout the packaging creates a strong but gentle balance, whilst enhancing the transparent and clear messaging across the pack.

Sandeman Veil is a unique Very Old Tawny Porto, created to celebrate the brand’s generations of master blender’s tenacity, dedication, inspiration, and talent that raised the brand’s Aged Tawnies to the highest level.

VOLTA STUDIO took the concept of anticipation and designed it into the packaging inspired by the enigmatic Don of the brand. A backlit crystal bottle is veiled in a rosewood case with a perforated door, creating a beautiful first impression.

Opening the bottle reveals a bright figure of The Don, complete with a flowing cape silhouette and an elegant stopper that doubles its signature hat – a picture-perfect embodiment of secrecy.

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