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Design Case Study | Gran Pisco DOX, a bottle design conceived as a sensory experience

Wine and spirits brand Bou Barroeta called on JVD Studio to create Gran Pisco DOX, a bottle design conceived as a sensory experience. Find out more about this pack in our exclusive design case study below.

Tell us a bit about the brand – its heritage, its story, and its markets – and the brief for this project. How does the design express the brand’s values? What inspired the design?

Bou Barroeta is a pisquera founded in 1922, located in the Third Region of Chile, in the heart of the Huasco Valley.

They develop high quality products, for which the careful selection of grapes, an artisanal distillation process and, above all, their experience are of vital importance.

This portfolio is based on seven products, each with its own history, scent and special characteristics provided by the aging in Raulí and American Oak, which have consolidated Bou Barroeta as a registered trademark for a public with a select palate.

What inspired the design?

The proposal seeks to communicate the essence of the brand through a product, with a design that links all the elements that represent it, geography, history, and family passion. That is why each element we see has its reason for being:

The bottle reinforces the quality of the Pisco and gives it the elegance it requires, along with the ox horns made of copper which represent the distillation still. All together, these are set in the heart of the origin of Gran Pisco DOX, the El Rosario vineyard in Atacama, Chile.

On the front of the bottle is the Atacama Desert, represented in a graphic and sensorial way, using cotton composite paper (Avery Dennison), which reflects the textures of the land, and a combination of foils that represent the natural and mineral resources of this land.

The stopper symbolises the harmony between the sky and the earth which are in constant change and movement but coexist in a perfect balance in conjunction with the stars that revolve around them represented in a copper thread.

The heart on the reverse represents the family history of Bou Barroeta and the nobility and passion that goes into each of his creations.

This unique piece is discovered through a sensorial box achieved with different resources that refer to the evolution of copper and its different states, providing volume, colours, and textures, which is the perfect prologue to discover the legend inside.

What is innovative or unusual about the pack?

The great innovation of this pack is that it was conceived as a sensory experience from start to finish. This was achieved by combining multiple materials and resources such as, wood, glass, copper, cotton, foils, and wedges, giving life to the proposal with matte and glossy finishes that affect how light is reflected and provide a unique experience to the touch thanks to its different textures.

Were any challenges faced when designing this pack?

Gran Pisco DOX is undoubtedly the result of a first-class collaborative work, since the path from the sketch to the final product was a challenge in many aspects, but the biggest challenge was “the horns”. They were developed in two pieces through a matrix that responds to the exact curvature of the bottle. The fit between the label, the horns and the bottle was the most difficult part of this design.

What reactions have you had from your consumers? 

Pisco DOX is a product that will be available for sale in May 2022 with only 300 serial units. However, in December of this year the pre-sale list will be opened, and the first interested consumers have already appeared and are excited for its launch to be on the shelves. DOX is expected to position the Bou Barroeta brand in a premium market that does not yet exist in Chile.

Agency: JVD Studio

Product: DOX 

Launch date: 2021

Jesus Vial, founder of JVD Studio

Connect with Jesus: 

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