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Design Case Study | Essence 42, a design concept for high-end spirits

Sculptor and designer Ivan Venkov has created Essence 42, a bottle design concept suitable for the most high-end spirits, ideally for Cognac, Armagnac or Whiskey brands. Find out more about this pack in our exclusive design case study below.

Tell us a bit about the design concept – its story, and its markets – and the brief for this project. 

Essence 42 is presented in two executions – the more luxurious, fully coated version, with laser removed drop shaped center for the more vintage range and the gradient coated version. Both executions are suitable only for expensive ranges of spirits due to the high unit cost.

The closure can be made from zamak or metallized plastic. Zamak is suitable for smaller manufacturing runs, while metallized plastic generally only fits very high-volume productions.

Glass, decoration, and closures have to be produced all at different manufacturers, so logistics, timing and inherent premium pricing has to be considered carefully for the final product.

What inspired the design?

The design is built around the central “drop” shape, according to author’s sculptural aesthetic of balancing round and sharp forms.

What is innovative or unusual about the pack?

What makes this pack unusual is its complexity of finishing technologies, which is still rare to find even on luxury products in spirits. 

Were any challenges faced when designing this pack?

The challenges of this and similar complex products always lie in merging different manufacturing processes, which are usually offered at different suppliers, into one product. 

What reactions have you had from your consumers? 

People value the products from two different perspectives. 

Made concepts are often suitable for very rare cases where expected retail prices of spirits or perfumes are in upper three digits per unit, sometimes even four. This means they are not suitable for most of the products companies would like to launch, especially when creating their first product. Ivan’s  concepts serve more as a visual inspiration of what can be done in manufacturing when it’s pushed to the limit. 

The other perspective is the lead times for production. The most favourable timeline of production of any new designs is six months, but it usually takes a year to produce a very complex design.

However, overall, reactions to Ivan’s work are often very positive. 

Agency: Maison Venkov

Product: Essence 42

Launch date: 2021

Ivan Venkov, Designer and Sculptor 

Connect with Ivan Venkov: 

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