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06 Vodka: When rosé meets vodka

Comte de Grasse, creator of 44° N Gin, introduces 06 Vodka, a new brand of spirits. With an elongated neck and distinctive closure, the super-premium spirit comes in a bottle that offers a sleek appearance. 

Comte de Grasse Founder & CEO Bagath Reddy explains “With 06 Vodka we are combining two very different types of drinks to create a new drinking experience”.  

The sleek Estal bottle has an elongated neck and black label sleeves adorning the facing. In many ways, the zamak closure, Apholos, echoes the nickel-finished version used for 44°N gin. To adapt the mould to 06 vodka’s new fitting, the supplier had to adapt the bottle’s cork diameter. 

Read the full article to discover: 

  • What inspired the design
  • The manufacturing process of the bottle 
  • How the drink was made 

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